Behind the Scenes of “Horror, Baby”

We’re sharing some exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos from the making of “Horror, Baby!” with you! The team used 37 CHAUVET DJ and 14 TRUSST products to set the mood and make the short film happen. Check out the photos and tune in to the making of “Horror, Baby!” as Geoff Short takes you on set in his latest episode of Gig Lab.

“Horror, Baby!” Gear List
2 x Freedom Strip Mini Quad-5
6 x Freedom Par Quad-5
2 x Mega Strobe FX12
1 x Hurricane 700
1 x Hurricane Haze 2D
1 x 4BAR Flex
1 x Nimbus Jr.
2 x Intimidator Spot Duo
4 x SlimBANK UV-18
2 x EZpar 64 RGBA
4 x LED Techno Strobe
2 x Scorpion Storm FXGB
2 x BEAMbar
2 x Geyser RGB
1 x Gobo Zoom LED 2.0
1 x Mirror Ball (16”)
2 x LED Pinspot 2
1 x Mirror Ball Motor

DJ Tutor Reviews Intimidator™ Spot Duo

Tune in as Johnathan Lewis, aka DJ Tutor, conducts an informative and entertaining review of Intimidator™ Spot Duo. Get an in-depth look at the fixture and its components, as well as a complete overview of its functionality. Designed for any mobile application, Intimidator™ Spot Duo features two fully and independently controllable moving heads mounted on an easy-to-rig bar. Tune in and see why your setup craves it!


CHAUVET® DJ in the Spotlight at Prolight+Sound 2013

CHAUVET® DJ traveled to Frankfurt, Germany and displayed the latest LED gear while exhibiting at the Prolight+Sound 2013 international trade show. The TRUSST®-built stand featured a magnificent light show flooded with colors and movement. Intimidator™ Beam LED 350 and Intimidator™ Spot Duo projected crisp, powerful beams, while Circus™ 2.0 IRC and Hive™ created colorful, fast-moving effects. A DJ booth within the stand included two Geyser™ RGB fixtures for pyrotechnic-like effects and a facade built using Core™ 3×3 pixel-mapping wash lights to create an eye-catching focal point. Last but not least, the highly portable Freedom™ Quad-5 series and ultra-bright BEAMbar™ captivated attendees. Check out some photos from the show.


Chauvet Wows Mixmove Attendees in Paris

CHAUVET® DJ and distributor Algam brought the latest in LED technology to Mixmove — a trade show for DJs, producers and club aficionados held annually in Paris, France. Attendees crowded the booth to check out the latest gear including the new Core™ series of pixel-mapping effect wash lights, the SlimBANK™ Tri-18 wide-area wash , the hypnotizing Circus™ 2.0 IRC effect fixture, the pyrotechnic-like Geyser™ RGB and powerful moving heads from the Intimidator™ series including Intimidator™ Spot Duo , Intimidator™ Spot LED 450, Intimidator™ Beam LED 350 and more. Check out some photos from the show.

CHAUVET® DJ Launches New Gear at NAMM 2013

CHAUVET® DJ introduced nearly 30 new products designed for mobile entertainers at The NAMM Show 2013. The 60-by-30 foot Chauvet booth was contstructed using nearly 300 pieces of TRUSST® — the versatile, easy-to-use trussing system backed by Chauvet. Showstoppers included four new Freedom™ wireless DMX wash lights, the battery-operated EZ™ series, BEAMbar™, Intimidator™ Spot Duo and Intimidator™ Spot LED 450 moving heads, Core™ pixel-mapping fixtures, plus two mobile trussing solutions, TRUSST® Arch Kit and Goal Post Kit. Take a look at the photos we took at the show and click here to check out all the new gear. To view the complete photo album, click here – don’t forget to “like” us!

(L-R) SlimPAR™ 56, Freedom™ Par Quad-5, EZpar™ 64 RGBA, EZrail™ RGBA

Intimidator™ Spot Duo


Core™ 3x3 and Nimbus™