Amazing Prom from JLK Events and CHAUVET DJ

Jamie Bodie of JLK Events sends us this great gig log of a recent prom his company provided the lighting and music for in Hilton Head, South Carolina. And CHAUVET DJ fixtures were the tools he chose to create these incredible looks!

Check out the BEFORE video!

Now check out the INCREDIBLE AFTER video!

Here are the some of the fixtures used:
10 COLORStrips
2 – Intimidator Wash Zoom 350
2 – Intimidator FX 350
1 – Hurricane Haze 2D
2 – Core 3X3s


Jamie Bodie Loving the CHAUVET DJ Core 3×3!

Jamie Bodie of JLK Events takes a loving look at one his new favorite fixtures, the CHAUVET DJ Core 3×3!

(Click here for his previous review of some other features of the CORE 3×3)


CHAUVET DJ Spices Up NYC’s Legendary Gonzales y Gonzalez Salsa Bar


NEW YORK – Mix together just the right blend of sizzling salsa music, authentic Mexican food and a Happy Hour that doesn’t quit –special-price $5.00 Margaritas flow from noon-8 p.m. — and you’ve got the zesty formula that has made Gonzales y Gonzalez an icon in Greenwich Village since 1989. That’s why when the legendary restaurant/ LIVE Salsa saloon wanted to update its look, owners Joey Dee Cirillo and Evan Cohen knew it would be important to achieve the “right mix” visually. The veteran club operators set out to accomplish this goal by finding lighting products that could set the mood for the many transformations GyG goes through during its long day/night hours – a mission they fulfilled with help from CHAUVET DJ.

“Lighting is really important to us, because we’re always trying to change the ambience in the room,” explained Joey Dee Cirillo. “We’ve got a lot going on here. Our kitchen is open from noon until 2 a.m., we have live salsa bands four nights a week and, as we like to say, we have the best Happy Hour in New York City hands-down. We wanted people to come into the venue when the band’s playing and really get a bang – a WOW factor — from the lighting. But we also wanted to be able to create a more laid back and relaxing environment during other times such as for lunch, brunch and dinner.”

Despite this purposeful vision for GyG’s illumination, Joey Dee Cirillo admits he “knew nothing about lighting before I started this project.” With help from CHAUVET DJ, the Manhattan restaurateur got both an education in lighting and a mix of LED products that keep his establishment popping with a variety of color looks and special effects that can change like a chameleon along with the action at GyG.

“Before I bought any lighting at all, I did a lot of research,” recalled Joey Dee Cirillo. “I looked at different companies and I can say that, in my opinion, Chauvet is truly elite. Their customer service cannot be beat. Their people came here, saw my establishment and asked a lot of questions about where we were going with the venue, what we were selling and what kind of entertainment we had. They weren’t just interested in selling me an open package of lighting.”

The all-CHAUVET DJ rig that Cirillo wound up purchasing includes: 4 x Core 3×3 RGB color wash panels; 4 x COLORband PIX linear RGB color wash strips; and 5 x Intimidator Wash Zoom 350 IRC LED moving heads. All fixtures are controlled by CHAUVET DJ ShowXpress software.

GonzalezyGonzalez1This mix of products works well together to provide the versatility that GyG requires in terms of color and effects options, while being easy to program and design with, said Cirillo, who lavished special praise on the Core 3×3 panels. A pixel mapping effect and powerful wash light combined in one unit, the Core 3×3 contains 9 Tri-Color RGB LEDs and features a unique reflector cup that produces large pixels of light and sweeping chase effects. Installed overhead on the ceiling, the panels truly live up to their name, being at the “core” of the transformative lighting experience at GyG. “If I were to design the perfect fixture for my venue, it would be the Core 3×3,” said Cirillo. “They have the perfect design, cover a lot of area and offer easy programming and great versatility.” For example, during afternoons the Cores are programmed a clear sky blue “almost like we have a sunroof looking out at the sky. Then we fade them down after Happy Hour during dinner, then crank them up for the club action – they’re great for live bands.”

Also great for illuminating bands – specifically, washing the wall behind them – are the COLORband PIX strips. Mounted on the rear stage wall, the fixtures themselves are concealed behind a specially constructed 18” overhang so that just the vibrant colored light they project can be seen. “We were looking for a wash that would illuminate the whole wall, but a wash that had movement — and the COLORband nailed it!” exclaimed Cirillo. “You can create great, interesting washes, without making them irritating for the people who are eating dinner. Putting these washes behind the band adds so many dimensions, with their sound activation and chase – especially when you combine them with the Core 3x3s. Just the two fixtures standalone are amazing.”

Add in the Intimidator Wash Zoom 350 IRC moving heads, and “it’s game over!” said Cirillo. “You have truly dynamite, dynamite lighting.” A powerful LED wash with a motorized zoom, strobe and built-in color programs, the Intimidator Wash Zoom 350 IRC adds an eye-popping exclamation point to the visual experience at GyG, with units running 50’ across the entire room.

Cirillo says that “for a person new to lighting” he learned a lot from Chauvet during the whole experience. For example, at first he was thinking about adding a fourth fixture to the mix, but “when I took a minute and stepped back, I saw (the three fixtures) were all I needed.

“It’s all about looking at the space and finding what’s right for your venue,” he added. “Sometimes less is more. It’s just like when you’re cooking and making a sauce — you don’t have to put in all the ingredients, sometimes simplicity works best.” After all, finding the right mix – whether in food, drink, music, or now in lighting — is what has kept Gonzalez y Gonzalez on top of its market since 1989.

2014 DJ Expo Stage Tour by CHAUVET DJ

CHAUVET DJ set the 2014 DJ Expo main stage ablaze with another brilliant display of lighting creativity. Here CHAUVET DJ Product Manager Nick Airriess, who designed this dazzling display shares his vision and some of the tools he used to bring it to life.

Michigan! Come see CHAUVET at Pro Audio & Lighting Open House!

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.19.26 AM


Chauvet’s own Bob Laino (Northeast Sales Manager) will be presenting a ShowXpress class at this action-packed 2-day open house at Pro Audio & Lighting on May 13th & 14th!



Video Wall, Rogue Series Moving Heads and Freedom Wireless Battery-Powered lighting presentations!

Building off of last year’s successful event, this year will offer something for everyone. Our manufacturer participation will include Chauvet DJ, Chauvet Professional, and Electro Voice. The newest products for sound and lighting enthusiast will be on display for viewing and our seminars this year will be sure to inform, teach and inspire. Pro Audio and Lighting will feature a Video wall from Chauvet Professional and the new Rogue series moving heads. Electro Voice will show a hanging line array for larger venue mobile application, and permanent installation. Electro Voice will also unveil their new ETX line of speakers to impress your ears. Not to be outdone, Chauvet DJ Lighting will show off the newest lighting available including the Freedom series wireless products, Core products and a sneak peak at the new EZPin Pack and more. Manufacture’s representatives will be on hand to answer any questions you may a have throughout the 2 day event.

ProAAL will have open air time from 3pm-6pm both days for sound and lighting demonstrations; this will give you the opportunity to have one on one time with manufacture’s reps and sales people, in our 14,000 square foot facility. Earlier time slots available by appointment to accommodate your schedule. After 6pm we will have several different seminars that will offer plenty of how to information.  Stu Schatz, Applications Engineer, Bosch Security Systems, will give a presentation on how to improve your sound and offer tricks to fix some of the sound system problems that everyone encounters including sub placement, EQ settings, and matching your sound system to your venue. Our own Tom Neville will show off the newest audio controllers from manufactures like American Audio, Pioneer and Native instruments. Tom will go over the differences and similarities in the controller features, and hopefully help you decide which one is right for you. Bob Laino, Chauvet’s North East Sales Manager will give a class on the DMX software Showxpress giving you the basic knowledge to get your light show programming started. Secondary private lessons will be offered at a show price special. Finally, we want to show you how to make more money! Pro Audio and Lighting owner Robert Kuron, will present an informative seminar with one goal in mind, to make you more money at your events. Rob will highlight several tips on how to up sell your event s to your clients. If you are not offering add on items to your events you are leaving money on the table.

We almost forgot to mention prizes and give-a-ways! Electro Voice and Chauvet DJ are bringing the goodies to give away. Prizes will include corded and cordless microphones and  ZLX speakers from Electro-Voice plus lighting effects from Chauvet DJ valued at over $2500.00 retail. You can’t win if you’re not here, so don’t miss out. Mark your calendars for May 13th and 14th and be ready to reserve your seat at the Pro Audio and Lighting open house.

A full schedule will be finalized in the weeks to come along with registration information for this free event as space will be limited.

Pro Audio and Lighting

2400 East 14 Mile Road

Warren, MI 48092

PH: 586-582-0871 or 800-357-8991

On Set with SlimBANK UV-18 and Core 3×3

Martin Ubilluz, owner of Mu2 Productions, included three SlimBANK UV-18 blacklights and six Core 3×3 wash lights on the set of a music video shoot.  Read on for his review of the gear and check out some photos from the shoot!

“The concept was to create a very colorful look with glow-in-the-dark effects. To bring our vision to reality, the singer wore blacklight-reactive clothing, while the models wore blacklight-reactive makeup. One of the shots featured a long hallway, so we placed Core 3×3 fixtures against the walls to wash the entire space with multiple colors. For a separate performance shot, we mounted Core 3×3 fixtures to stands and placed them behind the performer as they emitted flashing, random-color sequences as a fog machine diffused the lights and colored the air.

We chose to use both the SlimBANK UV-18 and Core 3×3 fixtures because they are lightweight, very bright and did not consume a lot of power.  We wanted lightweight and extremely powerful gear that did not consume a lot of energy — both fixtures met our expectations. “

CHAUVET DJ Changes the Game During DJ Expo 2013

The CHAUVET DJ team built a monstrous 30-by-40 foot booth for the 2013 DJ Expo…in 24 hours. In case that challenge wasn’t enough, the team decided to change things up a bit and incorporate a different type of display, launch new products, sponsor and light the main stage, sponsor the Promo Only party and host two profit-maximizing seminars — whew!

The entire booth was constructed more than 120 sticks and accessories from the TRUSST line and featured more than 300 CHAUVET DJ products. To best showcase the fixtures, the team opted for a “show and tell” application setup. For example, a DJ façade was built using 16 COLORband PiX-M fixtures mounted to three 1-meter sticks of TRUSST; an LFS-75DMX highlighted a five-tiered wedding cake; and a TRUSST Arch Kit illuminated with Wedge Tri wash lights and decorated with greenery showcased effect lights. Also within that 24-hour time frame, the team needed to set up and program the light show on the main stage. To create a bold, flashy backdrop during live DJ sets, they used 11 sticks and accessories from the TRUSST line and more than 100 CHAUVET DJ fixtures including MotionDrape LED, Intimidator Beam LED 350, Intimidator Spot LED 450, Core 3×3, Geyser RGB, Megastrobe FX12 and BEAMbar to name a few. The fixtures within the booth and on the stage were programmed and controlled using ShowXpress.

During the show, attendees witnessed the debut of hot new fixtures perfect for any mobile application. SlimPAR Hex 3 IRC joins the popular SlimPAR series with 6-in-1 (RGBAW+UV) LED technology, while SlimPAR Quad 3 IRC adds three quad-color LEDs — both feature a sit-flat housing and remote control capability. Easily warm triangular truss systems, including the TRUSST Arch and Goal Post Kits, with the triangle-shaped, remote-controllable Wedge Tri. Intimidator Spot LED 350 is now available in a white casing to easily blend into any environment, while the remote-controllable Intimidator Spot 100 IRC allows you to easily incorporate moving heads into any setup. COREbar 4 is an all-in-one mobile wash lighting solution that provides total room coverage using chip-on-board (COB) technology and EZpar 56 joins the battery-powered EZ series with 108 RGB LEDs and a run time of up to 20 hours.

CHAUVET® DJ and TRUSST® presented two seminars filled with tips to maximize profits at any mobile gig. Ménage á TRUSST: 3 Easy Ways to Playful Profit, presented by resident DJ and CHAUVET DJ assistant manager Geoff Short, demonstrated the ease, creativity and versatility of the TRUSST® trussing system and provided tips to upsell the setup to your clients. The Ultimate Upsell: Tips to Earning the Most Profit at Any Gig, presented by Jeremy Brech, taught attendees new ways to upsell lighting packages, gobos and atmospheric effects.

See you next year!


Super Bocinas Hosts CHAUVET® DJ Open House

Guatemala 2013 - 2 013 Super Bocinas, located in Guatemala City, recently held a CHAUVET® DJ open house for mobile entertainers, lighting technicians and event planners. Jorge Nichols, owner of Super Bocinas, and his team coordinated the event which included demonstrations of the latest CHAUVET® DJ gear and TRUSST® trussing systems as well as raffles for t-shirts and Mini Strobe™ LED fixtures. Nimbus™ Jr., Freedom™ Par Quad-5, Freedom™ Strip Mini Quad-5,  Core™ 3×1 and Core™ 3×3, TRUSST® Arch Kit and TRUSST® Goal Post Kit proved to crowd favorites. Check out some photos from the event!


Tun Up! Pulse Cooler Fete Brings the Flavor with CHAUVET® DJ

Photos courtesy of Pulse Cooler Fete 2013 took over Guyana National Stadium with live performances on a CHAUVET®-DJ illuminated stage. Hosted by Pulse Entertainment, the concert featured performances from artists including KES the Band, KI & JMC 3veni, Sally Sagram, Shal Marshall and 5Star Akil. An elaborate truss design suspended above the stage featured Core™ 3×3 fixtures and Intimidator™ Beam LED 350 moving heads. To enhance the performances, 16 Core™ 3×3 washed the stage and created an eye-candy effect, while 20 Intimidator™ Beam LED 350 moving heads added tight, colorful beams and movement.
Photos courtesy of Photos courtesy of Photos courtesy of


CHAUVET® DJ in the Spotlight at Prolight+Sound 2013

CHAUVET® DJ traveled to Frankfurt, Germany and displayed the latest LED gear while exhibiting at the Prolight+Sound 2013 international trade show. The TRUSST®-built stand featured a magnificent light show flooded with colors and movement. Intimidator™ Beam LED 350 and Intimidator™ Spot Duo projected crisp, powerful beams, while Circus™ 2.0 IRC and Hive™ created colorful, fast-moving effects. A DJ booth within the stand included two Geyser™ RGB fixtures for pyrotechnic-like effects and a facade built using Core™ 3×3 pixel-mapping wash lights to create an eye-catching focal point. Last but not least, the highly portable Freedom™ Quad-5 series and ultra-bright BEAMbar™ captivated attendees. Check out some photos from the show.