DJ Profile: Sixth Element

Mario Garcia, aka DJ Sixth Element, is originally from Puerto Rico and currently resides in Miami where he operates his DJ business, Sixth Element. He caters to the South Florida area and specializes in corporate, private and house parties. Read on and get to know more about your fellow DJ.

1. How and when did you get started as a DJ?
At the age of 15, I was asked to help another DJ with a gig. A few bad cables forced him to make a run to Radio Shack and he left me in charge. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be a DJ.

2. Is this a full-time job or something you do on the side?
I used to DJ full time at an ice skating rink in Miami for several years, but now DJing is a side job.  I work full time in the marketing department for an international company based in Miami.

3. What fixtures are included in your setup?
My setup includes the following: a Mini Kinta™ and two LED Mushroom™ effect lights, an Obey™ 40 DMX controller and a MiN™ Laser RBX laser. In the future, I would like to add a 6SPOT™, an additional Mini Kinta™ and a few SlimPAR™ 56 wash lights.

4. What is your favorite fixture and why?
As a mobile DJ, my favorite fixture is the LED Mushroom™.  Whether you use a single fixture to light a house party or string a couple together to flood a larger venue, they are always effective.

5.  Best advice you can give someone just getting started in the DJ industry?
Always listen to different types of music and keep your ears open.  It’s about what music will move the crowd, not what you like.

6. What are your top three most requested songs?
My top three most requested songs are: “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams, “Holy Grail” by Jay-Z ft. Justin Timberlake and “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke ft. T.I. and Pharrell Williams.


Entech-6 resizeDisplaying in-demand gear with distributor AVE Corp, CHAUVET® DJ stole the spotlight at the ENTECH 2013 trade show in Sydney, Australia. The TRUSST®-built stand featured gear from the Intimidator™ series of powerful moving heads and scanners, SlimPAR™ line of low-profile wash lights, Core™ pixel-mapping wash lights and colorful Scorpion™ lasers. The TRUSST trussing system was also featured within the stand as multiple totems and accessories were displayed.

“It’s fantastic to have Chauvet making their ENTECH debut this year and offering fantastic support to their DJ & Professional range,” said Stephen Dallimore, event manager for ENTECH. “With Chauvet’s International Sales Director, Stéphane Gressier, being in attendance at the show, this provided a great chance for Chauvet to meet the Australian industry face-to-face — which I know the visitors appreciate.”

Brian May of Queen and Kerry Ellis of the West End Light Up London with Freedom

Rock legend Brian May and West End star Kerry Ellis team together for a live performance illuminated with 24 wireless, battery-operated Freedom™ fixtures at the St. Pancras International train station in London.

To stand tall above crowds of commuters and fans during rush hour, the former Queen guitarist and musical-theatre star performed atop a translucent stage known as the Tranzstage. Neatly and strategically placed underneath the stage, 16 Freedom™ Par and 8 Freedom™ Strip Mini wireless wash lights projected a spectrum of light through the transparent base to bathe the dynamic duo in a rainbow of colours. Mr. H Productions provided the stage and lighting, as well as a sound system to rival incoming trains and station announcements. Click here for the complete story.

CHAUVET DJ Brian May 2

Rotosphere LED Goes ‘Round in Rugby

Mike Tyldesley, owner of MIXDISCO, shared this enchanting photo with us on the CHAUVET DJ Facebook page. This image captures a bride and groom’s first dance in the Great Hall at Dunchurch Park Hotel in Rugby, UK. Tyldesley used Rotosphere™ LED to create the simple yet elegant effect for this picture-perfect moment.

Chauvet-sponsored Concert Benefits At-risk Youth

CHAUVET® DJ and TRUSST® joined forces to illuminate a fund-raising concert geared toward at-risk youth and orchestrated by Sharing Hope Empowerment and Reaction, S.H.E.A.R. Inc., a non-profit organization founded by Chauvet Quality Control Technician Anthony Durden. Durden and CHAUVET® DJ Product Coordinator Raglan Jones, outfitted the stage with 26 CHAUVET® DJ fixtures and a 24-piece TRUSST® setup.

For a prominent focal point on stage, Jones created  a TRUSST®-built cross crafted from one 8.2-foot and three 3.28-foot sticks of truss, one 6-way corner block and one 30-inch base plate and warmed the structure with four SlimPAR™ Quad 6 IRC wash lights. To add dimension, he incorporated six Intimidator™ Spot LED 350 moving heads mounted atop two 3.28-foot, two 4.92-foot and two 6.56-foot sticks of TRUSST® warmed with six SlimPAR™ Quad 6 IRC wash lights into the design. Additionally, two 4BAR™ Tri wash lights provided performers with front lighting, while two Geyser™ RGB fixtures, two Impulse™ 648 strobe lights and a Nimbus™ dry-ice machine added impressive, eye-catching effects. Two Hurricane™ Haze 2D haze machines placed at the rear of the stage enhanced beams and tied the light show together. CHAUVET® DJ Product Manager Nick Airriess used the ShowXpress™ programming software to quickly and easily create a variety of looks.

“The TRUSST® trussing system gave me the freedom to create a simple design that held a prominent stage presence and coincided with the theme of the event,” Jones said. “With such limited stage space, a clear focal point and accent totems illuminated with CHAUVET® DJ gear proved to be the most effective setup and really enhanced the live performances.” DSC_2210 crop

The event, featuring live performances as well as seminars on overcoming peer pressure, bullying, drug abuse and homelessness, was a first for S.H.E.A.R., Inc. Nearly 300 people attended. The event raised money for at-risk youth to attend summer programs held at the Miami Rescue Mission.

“This event planted a tremendous seed into the minds of our parents, young adults and youth who are living in South Florida,” Durden said. “I am honored to serve our community in such a powerful way and I am grateful and thankful to CHAUVET® DJ and  TRUSST® who teamed up to help.”

DJ Cat Gives Venue Another Life with CHAUVET® DJ

We have to share these “before” and “after” photos with you. CHAUVET® DJ VIP Rewards member Cathryn Miller, aka DJ Cat, uses 10 SlimPAR™ 56 wash lights to transform this venue into a dream-like wedding event. Miller, who owns Outback Entertainment and has 25 years of experience (mainly in Australia), is a permanent club DJ in South Carolina who also specializes in weddings and festivals. In addition to SlimPAR™ 56 wash lights, her setup includes the following CHAUVET® DJ fixtures: 4PLAY™, Comet™ LED, Sweeper™ LED,  6SPOT™, MiN™ lasers and a Hurricane™ fog machine.

“Lighting set the mood for this event and created the elegant atmosphere depicted in the photos,” Miller said. “SlimPAR™ 56 is my favorite CHAUVET® DJ fixture — for a very simple, compact light, the effect is nothing short of amazing.”

DJ Tutor Reviews COLORband™ PiX-M

Tune in as Johnathan Lewis, aka DJ Tutor, puts COLORband™ PiX-M on the review bench. A must-have LED fixture for mobile DJs, bands or nightclubs, COLORband™ PiX-M is powered by 12 tri-color LEDs and features DMX controllable motors to sweep back and forth, or from position to position, creating movement and dynamic effects. Get an overview of its operation, check out the built-in programs and see it action.