CHAUVET DJ Launches Lighting Magic at LDI 2014!


A view from the bridge controlling the CHAUVET DJ boon at LDI 2014

CHAUVET DJ has lit up the Las Vegas Convention Center with exciting new lighting products at the LDI Show 2014  along with favorite fixtures and effects mobile entertainers, event producers and lighting designers have counted on for a long time. Here’s a quick look at a few of the new CHAUVET DJ stars shining at LDI.

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CHAUVET DJ’s new lighting products have them packed in the booth LDI.


The new CHAUVET DJ Gig Bar IRC

Gig Bar IRC
The CHAUVET DJ Gig Bar IRC combines 4 essential lighting fixtures mounted onto a singlDSC_7304e control bar. The 4-in-1 Gig Bar maximizes convenience and ease of set-up and take-down for mobile entertainers who want to create a dynamic lighting experience for any event. The system includes a pair of LED Derby-style effect lights, a pair of LED pars, a laser and a strobe effect. Get in and out quickly with the included tripod, footswitch controller, IRC remote and carry bags. The Gig Bar IRC features phenomenal built-in automated and sound-activated programs that include all 4 effects to make one complete show. Easily control the Gig Bar IRC from the display, IRC-6 remote control, wireless footswitch or DMX to take your gig to a higher level. Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units.


COLORband Hex 9 IRC
The CHAUVET DJ COLORband Hex 9 IRC is a full-size color LED strip light that functions as a chase effect, blinder or wall wash fixture. Its 6-in-1 technology (RGBAW+UV) allows you to generate a broad spectrum of colors and achieve natural-looking color termperatures. The COLORband Hex 9 IRC has 3 zones of control to create amazing chase effects. CCOLORband HEX 9 IRC-RIGHTonvenient pre-built programs can be accessed with or without DMX but multiple DMX personalities are available for a wide variety of programming styles. The COLORband Hex 9 IRC has no moving parts and its silent operation is ideal for quiet environments. Automated programs and operation of static colors can be wirelessly controlled with the optional IRC-6 remote and sound activated programs allow the COLORband Hex 9 IRC to dance to the beat of the music. Multiple units can be linked together with the CBB-6 and the fixture travels safely in the optional CHS-60 VIP Gear Bag.

DSC_7107Firebird LED
The CHAUVET DJ Firebird LED creates a simulated flame effect without heat. The included wireless remote provides independent color control allowing you to create rich flame colors with red, green, blue and amber LEDS. The Firebird LED stands 6.5 feet (2 m) tall and can be seen from longer distances. The unit features built-in imitation flicker effects to achieve a perfect flame look. The Firebird LED can be activated from the display, DMC or the included wireless remote and fits best in the CHS-50 VIP Gear Bag.


The CHAUVET DJ Funfetti is a professional confetti launcher and its easy, single person setup and operation make it perfect for perfect for concerts, parties or other special Funfetti Blog Picevents. Just add confetti! No compressed air or CO2 required. The Funfetti works with most confetti types and is easily controlled from the display, the included wireless remote or DMX. There are even 3 different types of confetti refills available.  The FRC is a multi-colored paper refill, the FRM  is a shiny mirror refill, and the FRU is a UV-reactive paper refill and its bright green color glows in UV light. The Funfetti includes a double bracketed yoke for easy floor mounting or hanging on TRUSST and fits best in the CHS-50 VIP Gear Bag.14162603268620-effect3

Swiss Distributor Shows Off CHAUVET DJ at Show

CHAUVET DJ Swiss distributor Radio Materiel recently displayed a selection of products at Light & Sound show in Lucerne. Among the fixtures showcased were the Freedom series of wireless luminaires, FlareCON Air transmitter, Core 3×3 pixel-mapping wash, Intimidator Wash Zoom 350 IRC moving head, Shocker 90 IRC strobe light, Obey controllers and more.



CHAUVET DJ FlareCON Air Range Test on the Las Vegas Strip

We always want to see how far the CHAUVET DJ FlareCOn Air will transmit to a Freedom Par fixture. Just like we did in Atlantic City during DJ Expo. This time Geoff was in Las Vegas for the Las Vegas DJ Show. See what happened on the strip!

CHAUVET DJ Ignites BPM in the UK!

Birmingham, UK – Any DJ or entertainer who wants more freedom will love what BPM LogoCHAUVET DJ has in store for BPM 2014. The company will be putting the power of freedom in your hands with its game-changing FlareCON Air, a palm-sized device that transforms your smartphone or tablet into a wireless DMX lighting controller. Once you purchase this device, simply download the FlareCON app, and you can control any of CHAUVET DJ’s battery-powered Freedom Series fixtures directly from your phone or tablet — for an unprecedented level of mobility and freedom in lighting control!
Along with FlareCON Air, CHAUVET DJ will be introducing other must-see products at BPM, which runs September 13-15 at The NEC, Birmingham. Here are some highlights to look for on the company’s stand C37:

Three new models have been added to CHAUVET DJ’s battery-powered, wireless-DMX Freedom Series — Freedom Par Tri-6, Freedom Par Quad-4, Freedom Par Hex 4. An RGB, RGBA and RGBAW+UV unit respectively, these powerful LED wash fixtures combine intense output with smooth colour-blending. True to their name, they can be set up virtually anywhere — no cords or cables required. Taking wireless freedom a leap further, these new models, as well as the original Freedom fixtures, are compatible with the FlareCON Air interface, allowing users to control them via a smartphone or tablet.

14054563085992-14054500252780-EZ-Pin-RIGHT-SILK-SCREENCHAUVET DJ continues its wireless revolution with the EZpin IRC, a battery-powered pin spot with optional remote control. The new LED product makes it easier than ever to pin spot centrepieces or any other focal point at any venue without worrying about power draw or the availability of electric outlets. Compact yet ruggedly built, the EZpin IRC is extremely versatile and can be positioned in a variety of places. DJs and other end-users can create different looks with the EZpin to fit the mood of different occasions by using a variety of gels. Aside from being an attractive starter pin-spotting package, the value-driven kit also provides a cost-efficient way for mobile entertainers to build their existing lighting rigs with a go-anywhere, do-anything pin spotting solution.

Building on its wildly popular Intimidator Series, CHAUVET DJ has added two exciting new models to this top-selling line of moving heads: Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC and Intimidator Wave IRC.

The Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC is a brilliantly bright moving-head light with motorised focus14060365468434-Intimidator-Spot-355Z-IRC-LEFT and zoom for crisp gobo and beam changing effects. Seven already installed gobos plus the wedding 6-pack give you plenty of options for creating a unique look for every event. Master/Slave mode lets you create a beautiful light show quickly and easily. Built-in automatic programs along with move-in-black capability make programming with a CHAUVET® DMX controller as easy as can be.

14060393895562-Intimidator-Wave-IRC-LEFTThe Intimidator Wave IRC is a magnificent moving light array with 5 independently controlled heads that project narrow, razor-sharp beams of lights. Each moving head has a bright quad-colour LED for infinite colour-mixing capabilities. The Intimidator Wave IRC can be operated with the control panel, or the optional CHAUVET® IRC-6 remote control. Up to 4 Intimidator Wave IRC lights can be linked together as one to create stunning coordinated effects.

Visit CHAUVET DJ on stand C37 to get your hands on these and other exciting new products, and for your chance to “Fight For Your Freedom” in an interactive Battleships-style game.

Furthermore, don’t miss the opportunity to see two of CHAUVET DJ’s sister brands in action. TRUSST, backed by Chauvet, offers trussing, clamps, and presentation solutions that add elegance and impact to events and productions, TRUSST products are perfect for mobile DJs, bands, outdoor performances and nightclubs. Visit BPM stand C37 – built with truss by TRUSST – to see the popular Glo Totems and Goal Post Kit in action, and find out how TRUSST can enhance your events. And this year, CHAUVET Professional is both sponsoring the BPM Arena and exhibiting at the new PRO Show, co-located alongside BPM. Take advantage of your combined entry ticket to check out the latest gear from CHAUVET Professional on stand G42.

CHAUVET DJ FlareCON Air Range Test at DJ Expo!

CHAUVET® DJ‘s new FlareCON Air is revolutionizing wireless lighting control. CHAUVET® DJ’s Geoff Short used a visit to the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk during DJ Expo to test the range of the FlareCON Air. Check out how it worked!