New Video! The Abyss USB by CHAUVET DJ!

Abyss™ USB simulates a pleasing multicolored water effect that shines through any environment with or without fog using upgraded, high power LEDs. It can be controlled wirelessly via master/slave or DMX thanks to its D-Fi™ USB compatibility. A dichroic color wheel and two glass effect wheels are independently controllable to expand design options. Non-DMX control is possible in stand-alone mode from the digital display or optional IRC-6 remote control (sold separately). Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units. Fits best in the CHS-40 VIP Gear Bag.

Show Us Your Green and Greenlight a Vet!

November 11th is Greenlight a Vet day! What better way to show support of those that serve our country than to turn our light fixtures green! Share your CHAUVET DJ fixtures turned green on November 11th on our Facebook page and Greenlight a Vet!

For more information on Greenlight a Vet day, visit:

The New Intimidator 455Z IRC. It’s a Beast.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 2.36.46 PMThe Intimidator Spot 455Z IRC is an extremely bright, 180 W LED moving head spot designed for large events. It features dual gobo wheels that allow for gobo morphing and amazing mid-air projections. The motorized zoom is perfect for short- or long-throw situations. The Intimidator Spot 455Z IRC beams always remain on the dance floor using the built-in, innovative Totem mode. You can also split the beam and cover a larger area with the Intimidator Spot 455Z IRC’s 3-facet prism. This powerful moving head emits crisp projections at almost any distance using the motorized focus. Quickly and easily change gobos using the easy-access gobo door and non-DMX control is easy with the optional IRC-6 remote. The Intimidator Spot 455Z IRC also allows you to set, save, and recall 1 scene manually directly from the full-color LCD display. Link multiple unites together with the power-linking feature which saves time from running cables. The Intimidator Spot 455Z IRC fits best in the CHS-50 VIP Gear Bag.

DJ of the Month: Brian Price

Meet Brian Price of Brian Price Wedding Entertainment who’s been business for 13 years in Youngstown, Ohio.  Our CHAUVET DJ DJ of the Month!


CDJ: How did you get started DJing?


image3BP: I was in a band in high school and part of college. When the band broke up, I got a part-time job in radio, and began DJing small gigs. The radio job became full-time, and I started to become more serious about DJing as a craft. Slowly I built my skills and my business acumen until I felt I was able to open my own business. Which I did in 2002.

CDJ: What are your thoughts about lighting?

CDJ: What kind of Chauvet gear do you use?

image4BP: I’ve used Chauvet DJ gear almost exclusively throughout the years. For most lighting jobs, I use a combination on Freedom Strip, EZ Par, and EZ pin fixtures. For GOBOs, I’ve used LFS-5’s and The Gobo Shot 50 IRC. I just added the Chauvet Wash FX For wall and ceiling wash and love them. Great fixture! In the future, I plan to use the Freedom line exclusively for events. I love the colors and the flexibility they provide.

CDJ: What advice would you give other DJs?

BP: Be interested in everything as it relates to your craft. Whether it’s as a DJ, or as a lighting professional. There’s always something new to learn, and a different way of looking at what you do. Curiosity and the willingness to strike up conversations is a big plus. Read everything you can get your hands on, then take your gear out in the field and let your imagination take over!


To learn more about Brian Price Wedding Entertainment, visit

New Video! The CHAUVET DJ Swarm 4 FX!

The CHAUVET DJ Swarm 4 FX combines three dynamic lighting effects in one rugged and compact housing. A single fixture includes quad-color (RGBA) dual moonflowers, a red/green laser and a white strobe. The dual moonflowers spin enough colorful beams to fill an entire dance floor with energy and excitement. Added impact is provided by the thousands of razor sharp red and green beams produced by the laser. The bright output of the strobe ring, which features built-in motion effects, adds to the fun. Control options include sound activation, master/slave, DMX modes or the IRC-6 remote.

Happy Halloween from CHAUVET DJ!

Halloween is always a fun time around Chauvet Lighting! Here are some cool shots from our annual costume contest! Boo!


The CHAUVET DJ Marketing Team! Coolest department!


First place winners! International Sales! They win a year’s supply of green eggs and ham!


The CHAUVET DJ Accounting Department going for the kill!


Our Tech Writing team is magical!


Our Purchasing Department is the new 60’s Pin-up team!


This demented clown won first place in the individual category much to the chagrin of Quailman!


Rick from the Walking Dead never looked so good!


Nothing like a man in uniform!


We’re not sure what’s going on here but we think we should eat more Chikin’!


Boba Fett makes an appearance!


Who says being a nerd isn’t cool?


Purty nerdies!


Geoff and Carlos from the Marketing Department think Halloween is A-OK!


The CHAUVET DJ Marketing Team with Berenice Chauvet channeling Waldo!


The Revenge of the Marketing Nerds!


Our fearless leader Popeye Chauvet!


Albert Chauvet congratulates first place winning team International Sales!