Barrels (And Scanners!) Of Fun!

CHAUVET DJ Introduces Twin Compact Barrel And Scanner Effects
With Bright 60W LED Source, Prism, Gobos, Optional Remote & More

SUNRISE, Fla. – Good things come in small . . . . barrels. That’s what DJs, mobile entertainers and dance clubs will be saying about CHAUVET DJ’s new Intimidator Barrel 305 IRC barrel-type scanning effect and its scanner twin, the Intimidator Scan 305 IRC, which weigh just 10.4 and 10 pounds ( 4.8 and 4.6 kg) respectively, but can roll out a bushel load of punchy effects.

Intimidator Scan 305 IRC - LEFTEach of these compact scanners produces a bright, powerful beam that can shine through any environment, thanks to their mighty 60W LED source. The beam can be split to cover larger areas, using the fixtures’ built-in 3-facet prism, just one of many standout features found on the Intimidator Barrel 305 IRC and Intimidator Scan 305 IRC. Both units are also equipped with 7 interchangeable rotating gobos (5 metal + 2 glass), plus a palette of 8 brilliant colors + white, with the ability to produce split colors. The gobos and colors can scroll continuously at varying speeds, and there’s also a variable strobe (0-35Hz) – for a non-stop thrill ride of dazzling effects.

Incorporating all these features into a professional-looking lightshow is remarkably easy Intim Barrel 305-righttoo, even for those with no programming experience. That’s because both fixtures offer exciting advanced built-in movement macros and move-in-black Auto Programs, which can easily be called up manually or with CHAUVET DJ’s optional IRC-6 remote controller (sold separately) to produce a ready-made cutting-edge lightshow. With the handheld IRC-6 remote, users can trigger Auto and Sound Active modes and other basic functions wirelessly from distances up to 30 feet (9M). For those who wish to customize their show, the Intimidator Barrel 305 IRC and Intimidator Scan 305 IRC can also be programmed via DMX; both fixtures offer 3-pin XLR connectors and two DMX profile options, 7- or 11-channel.

“Scanners are one of the most exciting lighting effects because of their breathtakingly fast Intim Barrel 305-013speed and darting movement. The Intimidator Barrel 305 IRC and Intimidator Scan 305 IRC are perfect for dance clubs or anywhere else a very intense, high-energy lightshow is desired,” said Allan Reiss, Senior Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ. “The two fixtures go beyond other compact scanners in their class, in terms of their power and brightness and the rich feature set they offer. For example, having a built-in prism effect not only adds excitement, it also gives you more options by allowing you to split the beam and cover a larger area.”

If the area or room is extremely large, multiple units (up to 4) can be linked together to create super-sized synchronized lightshows. Not only can like models be linked, but the Intimidator Barrel 305 IRC and Intimidator Scan 305 IRC will also work with each other in Master/Slave mode, providing the option of having different-shaped beams moving in sync with one another.

The Intimidator Scan 305 IRC produces a powerful 15° beam, emitting an illuminance of 9,110 lux at 2 meters, with a pan/tilt movement of 180°/90°. The Intimidator Barrel 305 IRC also pans 180° and is capable of continuous 360° tilt motion with a beam angle of 12° and an illuminance of 1,630 lux at 2 meters.

Both fixtures feature high-frequency LED dimming for flicker-free operation, making them ideal for video applications. The scanners can be power linked up to 5 units at 120V ad 10 units at 230V, saving the time required to run cables and extension cords. Each model will fit into CHAUVET DJ’s CHS-40 VIP Gear Bag for safe, convenient storage and transport.


Tah-Dah Productions & CHAUVET DJ Gig Log of the Week!

This week DJ Ryan and Tah-Dah Productions were lighting up another fantasticScreen Shot 2015-07-02 at 4.04.39 PM wedding, this time in Chico, California and of course CHAUVET DJ helped light up the amazing Lakeside Pavillion.  Check it out!

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 4.06.05 PM

LD Manny Newman and CHAUVET DJ Light Up Electron at Brooklyn Bowl

Manny Brooklyn Bowl_ScottHarris

BROOKLYN, N.Y. –  There are few really hot nightspots that pull together so many diverse elements as New York’s Brooklyn Bowl. After all, how many structures combine some edgy urban architectural elements with a real-live bowling alley? Or serve up a gourmet menu of hipster-meets-kosher food from a famed restaurant (New York’s Blue Ribbon)? All this while featuring an eclectic mix of music from urban to jam. The 20,000-square-foot venue was a perfectly appropriate site for an unforgettable concert by Electron, the heavy hitting four-piece band formed by Disco Biscuits bass player Marc Brownstein that is making major waves in the Big Apple and beyond.

Lighting designer Manny Newman drew on the brawny power of Intimidator Spot LED 250Brooklyn Bowl 1_AndrewBlackstein moving fixtures from CHAUVET DJ to provide a monster light show for the band’s recent performance at the Brooklyn Bowl. “Looking at the band, the venue, the crowd and the tradition, it’s an exciting night,” said the LD. “You don’t want to bring a meek lightshow to something like this. I wanted to make a power statement without being overpowering or blinding the band.”

Manny accomplished this goal in eye-popping fashion using the Intimidators and a collection of other CHAUVET DJ fixtures. He positioned three T-bars upstage and flew two Intimidator Spot LED 250s and one MegaStrobe FX12 on each. “Working with the FX12s, the Intimidators bring the intensity level way up,” he said “I almost always have the FX12 play a huge role in my shows, because they really help me achieve a great blinding effect when a band peaks. Plus, the 6-cell pixel control of this fixture allows me to get some really cool effects.”

Brookly Bowl 4_AndrewBlacksteinFor side lighting, Manny called on the CHAUVET DJ SlimPAR 56, a wash light powered by 108 red, green and blue LEDs, and counted on a Hurricane Haze 2D hazer for atmospherics. “I like the color and coverage I get from the SlimPARs,” he said. “The SlimPAR 56s are great as a side wash, because they will not blind the band, but at the same time the give me a nice solid wash.”

The compact CHAUVET DJ fixtures were easy to set up and take down, yet at the same time they provided the light cannon punch that the band and the venue called for. “I wanted to create a big look on stage for this concert,” said Manny. “That’s what everyone expected and deserved, and the Chauvet fixtures helped me deliver.”

Brooklyn Bowl 2_AndrewBlackstein


The CHAUVET DJ COLORband™ Hex 9 IRC is a full-size color LED strip light that functions as a chase effect, blinder or wall wash fixture. Its 6-in-1 technology (RGBAW+UV) allows you to generate a broad spectrum of colors and achieve natural-looking color temperatures. The COLORband™ Hex 9 IRC has 3 zones of control to create amazing chase effects. Convenient pre-built programs can be accessed with or without DMX but multiple DMX personalities are available for a wide variety of programming styles. The COLORband™ Hex 9 IRC has no moving parts and its silent operation is ideal for quiet environments. Automated programs and operation of static colors can be wirelessly controlled with the optional IRC-6 remote and sound activated programs allow the COLORband™ Hex 9 IRC to dance to the beat of the music. Multiple units can be linked together with the CBB-6 and the fixture travels safely in the optional CHS-60 VIP Gear Bag.

Shop Time with DJ Jer: CHAUVET DJ Wash FX

DJ Jer spent some quality time in the shop with one of his latest lighting loves, the CHAUVET DJ Wash FX. In this edition of Shop Time, Jere walks us through the some of the control options and ways to use this powerful wash fixture.

Tuesday Inspiration!

Check out this amazing light show (Birmingham Rep Light Show shared by Smiley3112) using a ton of Chauvet gear! Just a touch of inspiration for your Tuesday afternoon! Thanks for sharing Smiley!

Here’s some of the gear used:

Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150
Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 250
Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350
Chauvet Q-Wash 560z LED
Chauvet SlimPar Pro RGBA
Chauvet Colordash Accent Quad
Chauvet MotionOrbs

Lighting Lesson Monday from CHAUVET DJ Academy!


Academy Logo

Class is in session!

There are as many uses for lighting as your imagination can dream up. There is a wide variety of uses for lighting fixtures but in the DJ and event production worlds DJs and event producers use lighting for four main reasons:

For effect. These are usually moving lights as the idea is to create dynamic presentations and bring energy and rhythm to the event. Many lights in this category are referred to as “effect lights” or “moving lights.” They’re frenetic movement ability is great for dancing. In fact, studies have shown that synchronized music and movement activate pleasure responses in areas of the brain. The movement effect lighting provides adds visual stimulus which can increase dancing activity! Because of the dramatic nature of effect lights, these fixtures are great for things like big dramatic grand entrances.

A second main lighting application is uplighting. In recent years, battery operated wireless lights have become more and more popular as uplights because of the convenience and time savings they provide with set up and tear down . Obviously the use of these lights is not limited to uplighting. Many par fixtures can be mounted on stands or truss to be used for downlighting and some lights, such as moving head lights wash lights or other linear wash lights can do double or triple duty as uplighting, wash lights and effect lights.

A third main use of lighting in event production is to accent certain features in a space. At a wedding reception for example this could be a spot light focused on the cake table like this or a gobo projector with the newlyweds’ initials projected on a wall like this. Gobos are another great way to personalize an event for clients.

A fourth use of light is to create atmosphere. For this, you need atmospheric effects such as fog and haze. Atmospheric effects create drama and glamour. Some atmospheric effects don’t put anything into the air, but instead add effects like a thick layer of low laying fog generated by dry ice which is perfect for dramatic first dances or other special dances. Now there are even really cool effects that do things like blasts bursts of fog that are colored with L.E.D. lights for an amazing pyrotechnic looking effect.

All the lights and effects included in these categories can have as many uses as your imagination can dream up. But it’s important to use the right tool for the right job, so always consider what it is you’re trying to achieve and think about these categories of lighting and fixtures.

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Gig Log: Safe & Sober Grad Party with Tah-Dah Productions and CHAUVET DJ

CHAUVET DJ loves supporting great community causes and this California Safe & Sober Grad Party definitely falls into that category! DJ Ryan and Tah-Dah Productions used their CHAUVET gear to give these good kids a great time while supporting a great community cause! Check it out:

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.32.57 PM

Holy Mobile DJ! CHAUVET DJ Lights up the BatBoom!

We’ve posted some of the amazing photos of this incredible mobile music machine before. It’s the BatBoom from DJ BatBoom and his entire team. Maybe you’ve witnessed in person at a trade show, but here is a new video look made up of clips and images over the last couple of years! One of the most amazing mobile DJ vehicles anywhere and CHAUVET DJ is proud to light it up! Check it out! #BatBoom
BatBoom 2015