Keeping Fit With CHAUVET DJ At Roll Cycle Studio


Installation 1

LAKE CHARLES, LA – (For Immediate Release) – Indoor cycle studios are rolling intocities across the country, seemingly ready to become the yoga centers of the next decade. It’s easy to see why; with the average indoor cyclist burning up between 400 and 600 calories in a 40-minute workout, “spinning” is a convenient way to keep fit, especially if it’s done in an entertaining and uplifting setting. The new Roll Cycle Studio offers indoor cyclists just such an environment, thanks in part to CHAUVET DJ.

Porché Advanced Systems, of Lake Charles, Louisiana used an all-CHAUVET DJ rig to create a warm, welcoming and richly colored lighting design at the city’s first cycling studio. Consultant Barbara Hoots of Indoor Cycle Design, a well-known figure in spinning circles, consulted with the Porché team to help develop an engaging look for the new business.

“Barbara is a big believer in the power of good lighting to create the right ambience in the cycle space,” said Jason Ryder. “You need attractive lighting that captures the attention of cyclists and motivates them to be successful in the program. We were confident that we could create this kind of lighting environment with the CHAUVET DJ fixtures, while still staying within Roll Cycle Studio’s budget.

Porché used 12 COLORband PiX linear LED washes, four SlimPAR Tri 7 IRC low-profile LED pars and two Swarm 4 LED beam effects in its design for Roll Cycle Studio. These CHAUVET DJ fixtures were all run by the company’s Obey 10 compact controller, which is capable of controlling up to eight 16-channel fixtures and storing six sets of chases, each containing up to 999 scenes. “The controller gives the studio the capability to create different scenes to fit different routines and change the mood in the room,” said Ryder. “Yet at the same time, it didn’t add a significant amount to the cost of the project – plus it’s user-friendly.”

Installation 2The dozen COLORband PiX linear units are positioned along the perimeter of the room to wash the side and back walls. “This color wash really sets the tone for the entire area,” said Ryder. “We’re able to fill the room with color from the COLORband PiX to create a nice ambience without shining light directly on the cyclists.”

Porché positioned the SlimPAR Tri 7 IRC units over the platform where the instructors lead sessions. The seven high-output LEDs in the par-style fixtures provide ample illumination to highlight the instructors without creating color shadows. Plus, the fact that the lights are completely convection cooled means there is no distractive noise.

While the COLORband fixtures provide an even and richly colored wash light for the room and the SlimPAR units highlight the instructors, the Swarm 4 effects are used to create movement and an extra sense of energy for selected riding routines. “The Swarms are very effective at pumping up the cyclists,” said Ryder.

Aside from their obvious aesthetic value, the CHAUVET DJ fixtures were also invaluable as budget stretchers in at Roll Cycle Studio. “Cost is always a concern with a small business starting in a new industry,” said Ryder. “We were able to achieve some big looks without spending big money. When visitors come to the studio for the first time and see the lights, they’re immediate reaction is WOW! This studio is the first of its kind in Lake Charles and we’re very proud to be a part of it.”

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