CHAUVET DJ Thursday Vids: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Happy Halloween! One of the most fun times of the year – for Geoff at least. In this edition of Thursday Vids, he talks about how important playing and having fun is for DJs to be creative. How are you having some Halloween fun with your gear?

DJ Tutor Makes a Splash with the Freedom Par Quad 4 IP

DJ Tutor aka Johnathan Lewis takes a good, wet look at the CHAUVET DJ Freedom Par Quad 4 IP! Completely wireless and waterproof! Check it out!

Elvis Has NOT Left the Building!


BLACKPOOL, UK – Elvis Presley lives! At least in the hearts and minds of his legion of fans around the world. Although he has been gone for the better part of four decades, the King of Rock ‘n Roll still casts a long and colourful shadow. This much was made very clear by the large turnout at the fourth annual Europe’s Tribute to Elvis, which took place at the 19th Century Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, United Kingdom

CHAUVET DJ was there, along with its sister company CHAUVET Professional, to contribute to the fun and glitz. A large assortment of the companies’ products was used to create an appropriately glitzy lightshow for the man who became synonymous with Las Vegas entertainment.

“As the event is becoming one of the most popular Elvis competitions in the world, we knew that we needed to step the game up this year, and of course, our Chauvet fixtures didn’t let us down,” said Ollie Wilkinson, the lighting designer and engineer for the popular tribute festival.

All in all, Wilkinson incorporated three MotionOrbs, eight PiXPar 24 par-style fixtures and four Geyser RGB LED foggers from CHAUVET DJ into his show design, along with a collection of Q-Wash 560Z-LED fixtures and Next NXT-1 moving LED panels from CHAUVET Professional.

Elvis_3“When you see Elvis tribute shows around the world, there’s usually a big upstage E.L.V.I.S sign in lights,” continued Wilkinson. “I didn’t want to go for that typical look, so we played about with the thought of using separate Elvis letters in gobos on the downstage truss. After some thought we had the idea to use our Chauvet NEXT NXT-1 fixtures to spell ELVIS across the truss, along with other supporting acts such as the legendary Suzi Quatro, who also graced the stage.”

Wilkinson positioned eight 560Z fixtures on a flown truss in the center of the ballroom for a full band wash, as well as painting the extravagant 100-year-old chandelier clad ceiling with colour. A further eight fixtures were positioned on the upstage truss to give a back wash, and also to wash the white wall at the back of the stage. Significantly, Wilkinson married the 560Zs with the three CHAUVET DJ MotionOrbs, which adorned the back wall.

“As the whole event was being filmed, I placed the MotionOrbs against the white upstage wall to give a sense of colour and depth to the stage on camera. This provided a good amount of eye candy ,while keeping intensity to a suitable level.” He continued: “The MotionOrbs combined with the 560Zs really created a complementary look, and looked especially impacting on camera.”

To add extra snippets of wash light at crucial moments during the set to illuminate various members of the band, Wilkinson added eight CHAUVET DJ PiXPar 24 par-style fixtures to his rig.

“The CHAUVET DJ PiXPar 24 is my alternative wash fixture when power and dimming is limited. Although the output is stunning, for this show I didn’t have to compromise all of my front wash. I could then still use some of the flown fixtures to light the catwalk and roof when needed.”

Complementing the grandiose aura of Blackpool’s Empress Ballroom, Wilkinson’s final touch to the stage involved creating atmospheric effects with eight CHAUVET DJ Geyser RGBs positioned alongside the catwalk, which protruded from the front of the stage. The Geyser RGBs, which produce large volumes of water-based fog illuminated by colourful LED lighting, had the expected huge impact on the show.

“The Geysers never fail to impress,” continued Wilkinson. “The Geysers are my favorite alternative to Pyro by far. Not only did they give the audience that ‘wow’ factor, they were a worthy accompaniment to the awards, presentations and performances that were scattered throughout the event.”

While the King may no longer be around, with events such as Europe’s tribute to Elvis keeping his spirit alive, it’s little wonder that Elvis’ popularity refuses to wane. “It was a fantastic production to be involved with.” Concluded Wilkinson: “The Chauvet fixtures were essential to helping me recreate that electric atmosphere synonymous with Elvis performances.”

New Product Video! The new 4Bar Tri USB!

The 4BAR™ Tri USB is a complete wash lighting solution fitted with high-intensity tri-color (RGB) LEDs that can be controlled wirelessly via the included footswitch or the optional IRC-6 controller (sold separately). It also features D-Fi™ USB compatibility for wireless master/slave or DMX control. A convenient tripod stand and carrying bag are included for quick and easy setup and tear down.

CHAUVET DJ Presents “Going Wireless-The Future of Lighting” at LDI

CHAUVET DJ will present the seminar “Going Wireless-The Future of Lighting” with Jeremy Brech at this year’s LDI Show in Las Vegas. The seminar will be Friday, October 23rd from 10am-12:00pm in Room N245 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Jeremy Brech head shot 2015

Jeremy Brech will present “Going Wireless – The Future of Lighting” at LDI 2015.

Wireless technology is one of the most powerful and innovative trends in the lighting industry. In this informative and comprehensive seminar, Jeremy Brech puts wireless lighting power in your hands combining important wireless product information with creative lighting tips and techniques you can use right away to light the way to higher profits – wirelessly! Using the very latest CHAUVET DJ gear, DJ Jer will demonstrate innovative ways to re-imagine how you use wireless fixtures to make a big impact and big profits. This seminar is a must for end users, event production houses and retailers alike who wish to stay current and ahead of the curve.

About Jeremy Brech
Widely recognized as one of the leading seminar presenters in the DJ world, Jeremy Brech aka “DJ Jer”, creator of “DJ Jer Shop Time” and the owner of DJ Jer Events & Lighting Design in Sioux Falls, SD. He has been entertaining crowds at weddings, school events, corporate events, and fundraisers for over 18 years.


Living Large. . . (And Small)
From Tiny Lasers To Moving Heads That Fill Big Spaces
CHAUVET DJ’s LDI 2015 Product Lineup “Sizes” Up The Market

LAS VEGAS – Gigs come in all sizes, large and small. Different events (or even the same one) call for different types of visual effects. And DJs, entertainers and event producers have varying levels of skill and experience when it comes to operating lighting products.

To sum up, lighting isn’t a “one size fits all” category– and CHAUVET DJ will address this diversity with the wide assortment of new products it will be unveiling at LDI 2015. From a compact laser that weighs barely over half a pound (0.6 lb., 0.3 kg), to a moving head spot whose gargantuan 180-watt LED engine blasts colorful effects over large spaces, the company will be displaying new products to meet a variety of entertainment and event lighting needs.

“With lighting playing a more central role at events of all types today, it’s important to keep up with the evolving needs of our customers,” said Allan Reiss, Senior Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ. “That’s way you’ll see a wide mix of products at our LDI display – from easy-to-use plug-and-play effects that require no technical experience, to DMX-compatible fixtures that give you the option of programming your own customized lightshows. And from small ‘pocket-sized’ effects to units designed for large events.”

Min Laser RG

MIN Laser RG

Smallest of the newcomers in stature – but by no means small in impact — is CHAUVET DJ’s new MIN Laser RG, a compact laser effect that weights a mere 0.6 lb. (0.3 kg) and can fit in the palm of your hand, yet projects thousands of razor-sharp red and green laser beams over a wide 80° coverage area. As simple to use as it is small, the MIN Laser RG is equipped with built-in sound-activated and automated programs that can be easily triggered to generate an eye-popping laser lightshow. It comes with a CHAUVET DJ IRC-6 remote control that allows color and rotation speeds to be set wirelessly, and is variance-free and ready-to-use right out of the box.

EZ Laser RB

EZ Min Laser RB

Two other compact lasers making their debut at LDI, the EZ Laser RB and EZ Laser RGFX, offer the added convenience of being battery-powered — and thus the freedom to be taken anywhere. A red/blue and red/green laser respectively, these mini (1.0 lb./0.5 kg) units each draw power from a rechargeable lithium battery that can run up to 6 hours on a single charge, for an evening’s worth of thrilling laser effects – even in places where there are no power outlets! Easy to use, both models are variance-free and include built-in sound-activated and automated programs, as well as an IRC-6 remote controller for setting color and rotation speed wirelessly. For added excitement and customized effects, the two colored lasers on each unit can be controlled independently.



Simplicity is also at the core of an exciting new LED effect light from CHAUVET DJ, the LX-5X. A plug-and-play party/disco light, the LX-5X projects a fun, animated moonflower effect around a room or dance floor. Moving to its own automated and sound-activated programs, the easy-to-use unit is powered by a long-life 6-watt Tri-Color RGB LED rated at 50,000-hours. Low maintenance and light weight (2 lbs. / 1 kg), the LX-5X ideal for mobile entertainers.

At the other end of the effects spectrum is the spectacularly imposing Intimidator Spot

Intimidator Spot 455Z

Intimidator Spot 455Z IRC

455Z IRC, an extremely bright 180-watt LED moving head spot designed for large events. Not only is its output impressive (up to 38,200 lux @ 2 meters at a 13° beam angle), but this DMX-protocol fixture is also loaded with amazing features and effects, including: dual gobo wheels (total 15 gobos) with the ability to create stunning mid-air projections and popular gobo morphing effects; 7 colors (+white) with split colors and continuous color scrolling; a 3-facet prism; and a Totem mode that ensures its beams always remain on the dance floor. Designed for versatility, the Intimidator Spot 455Z IRC also features a motorized zoom with angles from 13°-28°, making it adaptable for short- or long-throw applications.

Int Trio

Intimidator Trio

The demand for greater versatility was the driving force behind another new addition to CHAUVET DJ’s popular Intimidator Series, the Intimidator Trio. As its name suggests, this innovative fixture produces three lighting looks from one unit: a beam, a wash and an effects light. Its wide-ranging motorized zoom (7°-53° angle) allows it to transform seamlessly from a narrow beam to a wide wash, while a continuously rotating “honeycomb” delivers true special effects excitement. Built-in auto programs make it easy for users to generate complex visual looks that incorporate all of the Intimidator Trio’s features. Additionally, customized lightshows can be created via DMX (15- or 30-channel profile), and the fixture can also be run with CHAUVET DJ’s optional IRC-6 wireless remote (sold separately).

CHAUVET DJ will also be premiering a variety of other must-see products at LDI, including a new addition to its JAM Pack Series of multi-effects lightshow packages. The company invites all LDI attendees to stop by its booth #439 to view these products in action.

Intimidators in Fashion in One-of-a-Kind Installation!

This seems to be the week of sharing images of CHAUVET DJ products in out of the box applications (see Creating Art with the Freedom Par Hex 4). This time Yes Rental Company in Belgium installed a total of 122 of our CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Spot 255IRC and 16 CHAUVET Professional Ovation Mini ellipsoidals at the Louis Vuitton – Paris – Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that CHAUVET is always in fashion!

11224774_837670693013117_566347404112540359_n 12032071_837670679679785_3117938319459717735_n 12038174_837670696346450_2943662428505636599_n 12039227_837670666346453_70395441508672812_n 12074524_837670659679787_130080123317112929_n 12074708_837670663013120_6501914748199999811_n 12087785_837671909679662_84419587293522012_o 12096369_837670706346449_7449455113253774619_n

Creating Art with the Freedom Par Hex 4

Chauvet Fixtures Create Light Art At Der Liebe Gott Exhibition

(Courtesy of Live Design Magazine)

(Hamburg, Germany) – The Frappant, an underground art gallery and artists residence in img9969Hamburg Altona, Germany was the site of a widely acclaimed avant-garde exhibition “Der liebe Gott” (The Dear God). Among the pieces attracting the most attention during the 10-day event was light artist Boris Frentzel-Beyme’s haunting and transcendental work “Deus luminogaster,” which draws on the output of carefully placed Freedom Pars from CHAUVET DJ to make its powerful impression.

Although the central object of Frentzel-Beyme’s work — an embossed plastic sheet manufactured in East Germany during the days of the GDR – – is interesting in and of itself, it’s the vibrant colours and punchy light of the Freedom Par RGBAW+UV LED fixtures that endow this piece with a captivating holographic and illusory quality.

Frentzel-Beyme’s light art consortium, Lumidium, is no stranger to using light to bring out the hidden aesthetic beauty of unique objects. In recent years, for example, Lumidium illuminated a wide range of objects, from a castle to a disused factory or an old power station. With the Deus luminogaster, however, it was the first time Frentzel-Beyme had used Chauvet fixtures.

“One of my partner companies to Lumidium, Light Control in Hamburg, offered the fixtures to me” said the artist. “I found them to have excellent vibrant colours right from the get go, and more importantly, I also found them extremely suitable for this particular project due to the fact that they can be operated with batteries, thus eliminating the need for unsightly cables.”

Around 140 artists work within the Frappant exhibition space, an old Prussian barracks transformed into an art house which sees a regularly rotating programme of exhibitions and artistic events. In this particular exhibition, Deus luminogaster succeeded in turning many heads with its one of a kind embossed hexagonal patterns highlighted by the Freedom Pars.

“There are two essential elements to this light art installation,” said Frentzel-Beyme. “The main object of the installation which becomes projected onto has something of a colourful history. I found the plastic sheet several years ago while exhibiting in Leipzig in East Germany, and it is an original East German GDR product. The essential element to bring the embossed object to life, however, is the lighting.”

Projecting light onto the surface from a certain distance and a certain angle elevated from the wall, the Freedom Pars create an ever-changing pattern landscape. When switched on, the fixtures – placed above and below the object – are left in colour changing and provide a myriad of looks. The entire RGBAW+UV spectrum, a unique feature of this fixture, washes onto the embossed hexagonal surface to create a beautiful illusory feast for the eye.

“The light gives the whole installation an otherworldly experience, which is exactly the atmosphere I wanted to create,” said Frentzel-Beyme. “The colours that the pocket sized Freedom Pars create are very impressive, especially given their compact size. For exhibitions of this kind, these wireless fixtures provide the perfect accompaniment.”

As Frentzel-Beyme’s work makes very clear, when it comes to transforming everyday items into objects of fascination, LED wireless fixtures from Chauvet seem to have an artistic touch. Original documentation of the installation can be found at