CHAUVET DJ’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014


Happy holidays from CHAUVET DJ!  As this year winds down we take a look back at the most popular blog posts from the CHAUVET DJ Blog throughout the year. A quick look at the list clearly shows what we’ve known for a long time – product is king! 8 of the top 10 posts are directly related to a specific product video or press release (as opposed to an installation story, DJ profile, Gig tips, etc.). We hope you all look forward to an amazing 2015 full of lots more exciting product info on our blog!

  1. The Funfetti Shot confetti cannon press release – Looks like all you DJs are looking to have a BLAST this holiday season making this informational post the number one post of the year! In fact, the Funfetti Shot was so popular it appears on our list twice – the product video post is below!
  2. The Gig Bar IRC Sneak Peek Video – DJs couldn’t wait to get a peek at this teaser video for this 6-in-1 wonder!
  3. The Motion Orb Product Video – Imaginations were running wild about this decor lighting fixture we set up in a cool lounge cube configuration making this post number 3 on our list!
  4. Funfetti Shot Product Video – The press release and photos just were’nt enough for you guys and when this product video was posted you shot it up to number 4 on our list!
  5. Halloween Products Post - This post titled “Add Some SPIRIT to Your Halloween Events” definitely scared up some pageviews!
  6. DJ Confessions: How I Got My DJ Name and How You Can Find Yours – As popular as our products are, sometimes popular posts don’t have anything to do with lighting. This 3-year old post still has you reading up on what to call yourselves.  Talk about a hot topic!
  7. The COLORband Pix Rocks EDM Festival in Aruba - Chauvet DJ lights in action are always popular items and killer fixtures, tropical paradise and killer EDM music propelled this story to the top 10.
  8. CHAUVET DJ Introduces the EZGobo – Our EZ line of wireless, battery-operated fixtures are revolutionizing how DJs set up and tear down their gear and when the product video for this gobo projector you can hold in your hand was posted, you were watching.
  9. The Amazing New Intimidator Wave IRC from CHAUVET DJ - Whenever a new Intimidator fixture is released, heads turn. I guess that makes us all “moving heads”!
  10. DJ Tutor Looks at the Intimidator Spot 100 IRC – Some of our most popular product posts don’t come from us but YOU! In this top 10 post, the ever popular DJ Tutor Johnathan Lewis looked at this compact moving head.

CHAUVET DJ Thursday Vids: The Customer is NOT Always Right

In this edition of Thursday Vids, Geoff suggests that sometimes – especially when it comes to special entertainment – the customer is NOT always right. In fact, we may be doing them a disservice by automatically defaulting to “whatever you think”. So…What do you think?

CHAUVET DJ Holds “World’s EZ-est DJ Contest”


SUNRISE, FL – CHAUVET DJ made it easier for mobile entertainers to set up shows by introducing the compact, battery-powered IRC remote controllable EZ Series of fixtures. Now the company is making it easier than ever for mobile entertainers to win free gear, too, by holding the aptly named “The World’s EZest DJ Contest.”

Entering the contest is – well… Easy! Mobile entertainers simply have to select the specific EZ Series fixture they’d like to win and send it to the company on a form available through the CHAUVET DJ Facebook page by the contest deadline of 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Friday January 16, 2015. A total of six forms will be chosen at random and those entrants will receive their selected EZ Series fixtures. The contest is open to anyone, anywhere. What could be easier?

“The EZ Series has been making life easy for so many DJs,” said Geoff Short, Marketing Manager at CHAUVET DJ. “As a mobile entertainer myself, I know what a drag it can be running a bunch of cables and looking for power outlets during set up. By eliminating the need to do this, our EZ Series fixtures make set up easier, faster and less stressful, so every job is more fun.”

CHAUVET DJ is holding The World’s EZest DJ Contest to celebrate the success of its EZ Series, according to Short. “DJs everywhere have been embracing these products,” he said. “We figured that the best way to celebrate this success is with a contest that is really, really easy to enter. You don’t have to do anything for this contest; there are no questions to answer, no video to make or anything else expected from you.

“All you have to do is select the product you want to win,” continued Short. “Ok, that might be a little challenging, because there are so many great products in the EZ Series, but really nothing could be easier than entering this contest.”

Mobile entertainers can win any of the battery powered IRC remote controllable LED fixtures in the EZ Series, an impressive collection of products that includes:
· EZ Gobo –compact, but powerful gobo projector with a magnetic base that affixes to most metal surfaces for quick set ups.
· EZpin IRC– ideal for spotting wedding cakes, centerpieces and other objects, this compact pin also features a magnetic base.
· EZpar 64 RGBA- powerful wash with 180 RGBA LEDs and a battery that runs 20 hours between charges.
· EZpar 56 – RGB par style effect that also features a battery that runs 20 hours between charges.
· EZMiN Laser FX – variance-free red and green laser effect.
· EZMiN Laser RBX – variance-free red and blue laser effect
· EZrail – RGBA linear wash.
· EZWedge – RGB wash for uplighting and truss warming.

Only contest forms submitted through the CHAUVET DJ Facebook page by the 11:59 pm January 16, 2015 deadline will be eligible to win. For more information and a contest entry form, visit the CHAUVET DJ Facebook page.

World’s EZ-est DJ Contest from CHAUVET DJ!


CHAUVET DJ‘s line of EZ Series wireless, battery-powered fixtures makes set up and tear down of your gear easy. So winning a new EZ fixture should be “EZ” too! Introducing the CHAUVET DJ World’s EZ-est DJ Contest! Check out this video for more info and log onto our Facebook page at: for complete rules and details!

Guatemalan Distributor Shows Off CHAUVET DJ at Open House

Guatemalan distributor Super Bocinas recently organized an open house, introducing to a big crowd of customers an array of CHAUVET DJ fixtures, such as moving heads from the Intimidator line – including the new Intimidator Wave IRC – Core 3×3 pixel-mapping fixtures, effect lights, lasers and more. Here are some dynamic shots from the event:






DJ Rocky Unboxes His New CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Spot LED 350s!

DJ Rocky of and just got his hands on some beautiful new CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Spot LED 350 moving head fixtures  – in white! Take a look at these amazing fixtures as he takes them out of the box and fires them up!

Meet the CHAUVET DJ Shocker 90 IRC!

For unparalleled strobe effects, meet the CHAUVET DJ Shocker 90 IRC. Stunning effects that go way beyond blinking lights – all in a compact and powerful package.

The Shocker 90 IRC is lightweight and little, and packs a brilliant, blinding white punch. It is a blinder that strobes and has 4 zones of control for a range of effects and patterns. Its eye-catching, automated programs work with Master/Slave mode to create a strobing light show quickly and easily. The Shocker 90 is controlled via the control panel or with the optional CHAUVET® IRC-6 wireless remote. If you want even more flexibility use a CHAUVET® DMX controller! The Shocker 90 has a rugged die-cast housing and fits beautifully in the CHAUVET® CHS-25 VIP Gear Bag. It is easy to carry, perfect for mobile DJs, and looks great in any rig.

MotionOrb by CHAUVET DJ

The Motion Orb™ is a fantastic new décor light made up of 55 individual color-changing and strobing LED orbs in strings that can be hung like a curtain, drawn to one side, or draped across the ceiling. The Motion Orb™ comes standard in a 2-meter length, but it can be expanded to 4 meters long with the optional Motion Orb™ Extensions. The Motion Orb™ comes with a variety of built-in color changes and chases, and when operated in DMX mode it can be pixel mapped! In Master/Slave mode color changes and chases can be expanded across three Motion Orb™ products for a wall full of coordinated patterns. The Motion Orb™ comes with a custom made gear bag for easy, safe, and stylish transporting.

CHAUVET DJ December DJ of the Month: DJ Naveen Sharma

1501693_771776362848921_526538251_nWhen Naveen Sharma attended a job fair in Michigan 18 years ago, he probably didn’t realize just a few years later he would own and operate one of the biggest multi-op production companies in the area.  Meet our DJ of the Month, DJ Naveen Sharma of DJ Naveen Productions and Event Lighting.

Chauvet DJ:  How did you get started in the DJ business?

DJ Naveen:
In May of 1997 I went to a college job fair with my best friend Matt. There was a local multiDJ Facade 02 op DJ company that was hiring – Matt and I both went to there training and got the jobs. We went through extensive MC training for a few months while we shadowed DJs on the job – helping with music selection, mixing and blending the music, and setup and teardown of the equipment. Speakers and amps were heavy back in the day! In 1999 I left the company to DJ on my own and in 2008 we expanded into more of a production company. We provide DJs, MCs, lighting design, screens, projectors, monograms, singers, dancers, and more! We are based in Michigan but travel all over the USA, destination weddings, and international locations! We have the best DJs and MCs in the industry.

Pink Lights 02

How would you describe your company?

(Since we) have grown into a full lighting, sound, DJ, MC, and production company, I am very selective on the events I DJ and perform at. I enjoy planning with clients, lighting design, DJ and MC aspects, and over all planning of weddings. I got into LED lighting in 2010. I purchased 50 CHAUVET DJ SlimPAR 56 uplights. I LOVED THEM! LED lighting was getting big in 2010 and I wanted to learn about it it. I took many courses and workshops IMG_0324and seminars on lighting design. Today every decor company and DJ company provides lighting so I wanted to have an edge. We provide wall lighting, pin spotting, spot lights, intellingent lighting, and even battery powered lighting. The new CHAUVET DJ battery powered fixtures are bright and long lasting – allowing us to put fixtures where power outlets are not available.

How do you think lighting effects an event?

Lighting makes ALL the difference. Lighting can transform your ballroom. It creates a fun atmosphere. Using computer control we can match colors to the beat of the music, and match the theme and colors of the event! We use LED up lighting around the room, LED lights for washing the dance floor and ceiling, and intelligent movers to spot light different parts of the function!

What kinds of CHAUVET DJ products do you use?

My first uplights were the CHAUVET DJ SlimPAR 56. I still use those along with other lighting products. I also have the NEW CHAUVET DJ EZPin pack – battery powered LED pin lights. My new favorite light is my CHAUVET DJ Gobo Shot 50W IRC. Its an LED fixture – very lightweight and I use it for ALL my monogram projections for my couples!

Learn more about DJ Naveen Productions and Event Lighting by click here.

Or on Facebook here: