Gobos On The Go, CHAUVET DJ Introduces EZgobo

SUNRISE, FL – Now DJs and mobile entertainers can add the visual excitement and impact of gobos to any event even when power outlets aren’t readily accessible, thanks to the new EZgobo projector from CHAUVET DJ. Battery powered and wireless, the new LED product brings an unprecedented level of mobility to gobo projection.

“Gobos are an important part of a mobile entertainer’s show, adding an extra element of personality and fun to any performance,” said Allan Reiss, senior product manager of CHAUVET DJ. “One of the really nice things about the EZgobo is that it gives you the flexibility to use gobos anywhere. It’s compact, so it’s great for tight spaces; it’s got a magnetic base so it can be attached to most metal surfaces, plus it has a scissor clip with an eye loop for easy attachment to ceilings — and since it’s a wireless battery powered product you don’t have to worry about the availability of nearby power outlets.”

Another “nice thing” about the EZgobo is that it allows DJs to create their own removable gobos with transparency film (purchased separately) . The new mobile gobo projector also has ten built-in wedding ready gobos that are ideal for many ceremonies. Adding to the flexibility of the EZgobo is its manual zoom, which allows short or long throw applications.

The EZgobo features an IRC remote with on/off and dimming capabilities. Maximum run time on the batteries at full power is five hours, ensuring that the fixtures are capable of meeting the demands of any show. (The recharge time for the fixture is four hours.)

With a 10–watt single cool white LED light source that has a 50,000 hour life expectancy, the EZgobo delivers the durability and output expected of a high-quality DJ fixture.

Weighing only 2.2-pounds (one kilogram) and measuring just 6.5” x 4.3” x 6.7” (167 x 110 x 170 mm), the ruggedly built EZgobo is easy to transport and set up. “We designed this fixture with the mobile entertainer in mind,” said Reiss, “Our goal was to provide every DJ with an easy way to introduce gobos to any event regardless of spatial or power restrictions. The EZgobo does this very well.”

CHAUVET DJ Artsy during Lighting Festival in Vilnius

About 50 CHAUVET DJ IP-rated fixtures light the oldest bridge built in 1908 in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius. The bridge illumination is part of the annual festival called Vilnius Lighting!  Muzikos Ekspresas Ltd. install company specified 12 COLORband PiX IP for pylons, 10 SlimPANEL Tri 12 IP to light an art piece under the bridge and 24 SlimPANEL Tri 24 IP for the arches. Here are some beautiful shots:





CHAUVET DJ Lights Brighten Store in Germany

If you are looking for ideas on how to display your newly acquired CHAUVET DJ fixtures, here is a nice setup done in the Music World Brilon store in Germany. This great selection of Intimidator, COLORband, SlimPAR, and LED effect lights was supplied by CHAUVET DJ distributor in Germany Korg & More.





CHAUVET DJ Thursday Vids: Women in the DJ Business

The DJ business has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. Thankfully that’s changing as more and more female DJs and entertainment company owners contribute their much-needed perspective and talent to the DJ business. In this episode of CHAUVET DJ Thursday Vids, Geoff explores some thoughts on why that is. Because, as he says in this video, a business without women in it, is no business at all.

CHAUVET DJ COLORband PiX Rocks EDM Festival in Aruba

More than 100 COLORband PiX pixel-mapping fixtures were recently part of an exuberant design at Electric Festival in Aruba. The 105 powerful washes capable of eye candy pixel-mapping effects were supplied by CHAUVET DJ distributor in Aruba Elite Productions. Here are some awesome shots:


DJ Rocky Sets Up His New Freedom Par Tri 6 Lights with FlareCON Air!

DJ Rocky of Atlanta Music DJs and Ella Events Atlanta takes us on a comprehensive tour of setting up his brand new FlareCON Air with his brand new Freedom Par Tri 6 fixtures! Lucky guy! Informative video!

View this video on DJ Rocky’s Channel

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 5.13.12 PM

Add Some “Spirit” to Your Halloween Events!

Halloween Fixtures Blog post

Still looking for the perfect lights and effects to add some spirit to your Halloween parties and raise your events from the dead? Look no further than this creepy list of fearsome fixtures from CHAUVET DJ.

Warning: Leaving these lights on won’t help with your fears of the dark. These lights and effects can send shivers up anyone’s spine!



Geyser RGB

Geyser RGB

Swarm 5 FX

Swarm 5 FX

SlimPAR Hex 3 IRC

SlimPAR Hex 3 IRC

Scorpion Script

Scorpion Script



Hurricane Haze 3D

Hurricane Haze 3D

CHAUVET DJ of the Month: DJ Rocky of Atlanta Music DJs & Ella Events Atlanta

Head ShotRocky Llanes – DJ Rocky – heads up two different Atlanta, Georgia entertainment companies – Atlanta Music DJs and Ella Events Atlanta. His companies are “family owned & family driven!” and DJ Rocky tells clients “Your success is our success! Creating a successful wedding or event does not happen overnight. It takes years of experience. We bring the same driving passion to working with every customer like it was our first time. We love doing what we do!” DJ Rocky uses lots of CHAUVET DJ gear to bring his events to life so we wanted to learn more about them!

How has lighting played a part in the growth of your company?

DJ Rocky:
Lighting has been a leading factor in the growth of our company. AtlantaMusicDJ.com and EllaEventsAtlanta.com can provide the best quality customer service to the client, but adding lighting makes our company look good doing it. Lighting is part of our attire. We must look our best and nothing less. This has been our plan from day 1 and this why our company will continue to grow.

How did you get started Djing?

I will try to sum up the big picture quickly. I dance and sing the gospel at church with my grandmother. My mother would throw disco parties at the house. I would sneak into the 21& up clubs in the Bay Area of California when I was 15 and hide in the DJ booth. I quickly caught on and started DJing at clubs in the Bay Area, raves, Pride parties, friends parties, then as time passed, weddings.

What do you think makes a great DJ?

I truly believe know matter what kind of DJ you are, or what setting you are in, it is 100% customer service.

How do you think lighting effects a party?

Lighting sets the mood. When used properly and effectively it can be just as important as anything else at the event. AtlantaMusicDJ.com and EllaEventsAtlanta.com believe that the 4 corner stones to our success are the DJ, MC, Lighting and Sound.

What CHAUVET DJ fixtures have you/do you used?


Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot LED 250 x4

Chauvet DJ Freedom Par Tri 6 x16

Chauvet DJ Slim Par 38 x12

Chauvet DJ Slim Par 64 x12

Chauvet DJ Eclipse RGB LED x1

Chauvet DJ Pin Spot LED x4

Chauvet DJ MB-20 20” Mirror Ball x1

Chauvet DJ FlareCon Air x1

Chauvet DJ Obey 40 x1

Chauvet DJ Obey 3 x1

Chauvet DJ VIP Gear Bags various sizes x8

Chauvet DJ DMX Cables too many to count thank god for wireless!

CHAUVET DJ Photo Album: Images from “Sleep”

Happy Halloween!
Let this ghoulish collection of terrifying images from our Halloween horror movie “Sleep” haunt your nightmares and wake your creativity from the grave! Watch “Sleep” here: http://youtu.be/7nLJURnX1-w

We hope the movie and these photos inspire haunters everywhere to create their own terrifying Halloween displays. Show us what you got! For the Gig Lab episode with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Sleep” including the lighting fixtures used click:

A seemingly innocent man is plagued by haunting nightmares that keep him up every night. But when he turns to a mysterious psychic for help, he discovers terrifying truths that are more than he bargained for.

James Skiba
Ellen Katz Murray

Conceived & Created by
Carlos Cardenas
Geoffrey Short
Todd Murray

CHAUVET DJ Gig Lab: The Making of “Sleep” Halloween 2014

Watch the movie “Sleep” here: http://youtu.be/7nLJURnX1-w

Evil lurks and things go bump in the night in this Halloween 2014 edition of the Gig Lab. Face your fears and creep and crawl behind the scenes to discover all the haunting lighting and set effects that went into them making of the CHAUVET DJ Halloween ’14 short horror film “Sleep”. See how these nightmares can possess your ghoulish creativity for your own Halloween events!

Conceived and Created by
Carlos Cardenas
Geoff Short
Todd Murray

James Skiba
Ellen Katz Murray

Special thanks to Sanford-Brown Institute Fort Lauderdale and
Off the Deep End Super Yacht Appearance Specialists