Amazing Booth Looks from CHAUVET at Sound Check Xpo in Mexico!


CHAUVET DJ and Chauvet Professional had a brilliant booth presence at the 2015 Sound Check:Xpo show in Mexico City this week. Check out the photos! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8Sound Check:Xpo is an international trade show that attracts a large number of Djs, musicians, music industry decision makers and technical experts from all over the world. The expo focuses on the innovative products and services which will help in the growth of music industry.

CHAUVET DJ Top Blog Posts of the Week


Here’s what was hot on the CHAUVET DJ Blog this week!

  1. New Video! CHAUVET SlimBEAM QUAD IRC! – Without a doubt readers wanted a look at this new fixture that is reinventing the way we look uplighting!
  2. Shop Time: CHAUVET DJ Gobo Shot 50W IRC Gets DJ Jer Out of a Jam! – When DJ Jer’s musch-used glass gobo shattered, he turned to the Gobo Shot 50W IRC for a low cost fix and readers liked the solution!
  3. Topsy Turvy: Chauvet Clamps Turn Uplighting into DownlightingDJ Rocky turned things upside down using CHAUVET DJ CLP-15N clamps to mount uplighting fixtures to use as downlighting!
  4. Uplighting just Artistic: CHAUVET DJ SlimBEAM Quad IRC – The SlimBEAM Quad IRC makes its second appearance in the top 5 this week as readers wanted to see the ultra-cool photos of what this fixture is capable of.
  5. CHAUVET DJ and TRUSST Provide Gear For Luminar Group¹s Lighting Technician of the Year Event – The number 5 most popular post of the week comes to us from overseas as readers were interested in how CHAUVET DJ and Trusst made this UK awards ceremony shine!




The new CHAUVET DJ SlimBEAM Quad IRC can help you create amazing uplighting artistry, from subtle and elegant to breathtakingly awesome looks to make any event space dance! One of the best parts of using the SlimBEAM Quad IRC is that because of it’s unique wide beam, it takes fewer fixtures to create exciting looks. Check out some of the possibilities in this coolest of cool product video for the SlimBEAM Quad IRC!

SlimBEAM™ Quad IRC is a versatile fixture that is not only ideal for accenting walls and other surfaces, but also can be used to create unique beam effects. With no moving parts, it’s ideal for venues where silent operation is essential. Multiple units can be linked in master/slave mode. Control options include automated, and DMX mode. Optional IRC-6 remote can be used for wireless control.

CHAUVET DJ Academy Lighting Lesson of the Week

Academy LogoLEDs can last between 50,000 to 100,000 hours of operation. Some say that when an LED fixture doesn’t last that long, it’s often because some other parts in the fixture, such as the power supply, might fail before the LEDs can reach their lifespan. This is not necessarily true. As LEDs have grown brighter and more versatile, the lights and fixtures as an ensemble are built to keep up with the actual LED diode. If used in the proper conditions and maintained carefully, there is no reason why an LED fixture shouldn’t last for years and years.

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Shop Time: CHAUVET DJ Gobo Shot 50W IRC Gets DJ Jer Out of a Jam!

In this edition of Shop Time, DJ Jer talks about how the CHAUVET DJ Gobo Shot 50W IRC helped him get out of a costly jam when an important glass gobo shattered.

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CHAUVET DJ and TRUSST Provide Gear For Luminar Group¹s Lighting Technician of the Year Event

ChauvetDJ Luminar

SOUTHAMPTON, UK ­ The Luminar Group¹s Lighting Technician of the Year competition recognizes and celebrates excellence in the lighting profession. So it wasn¹t surprising that CHAUVET DJ and its sister company TRUSST were chosen to provide lighting and trussing for this prestigious event, which was held at Oceana in Southampton, one of the many popular clubs operated by the Luminar Group.

A group of five regional champions gathered at the award-winning club to vie for the prestigious title at the grand finale, which was hosted by Luminar¹s main man for all things DJ and Music, Al Mayfield. The talented five were the winners of a series of regional heats held at over 62 nightclubs owned by Luminar.

The finals were broken into two sections. In the first section, the finalists had to program and operate a lighting rig to a three-minute long pre-recorded musical sequence. Next, they were called upon to operate the same rig in the main room of the nightclub during a 15-minute slot on a busy Saturday night.

A specially designed contest rig, constructed from truss by Trusst, incorporated a combination of fixtures from CHAUVET DJ¹s popular Intimidator series of moving heads, including Intimidator Beam LED 350s, Intimidator Spot LED 350s and Intimidator Wash Zoom 350 IRCs. Added to this was an array of COLORband Pix-M fixtures that use DMX-controllable motors to sweep back and forth to create dynamic effects, and high-powered MegaStrobe FX12 lights. Completing the CHAUVET DJ package were Geyser RGB foggers, to provide vertical streams of illuminated fog, and Funfetti Shot confetti canons to add drama and pizzazz.

The panel of four judges included Steve Fisher, managing director of SF Leisure Europe Ltd. ³I was very impressed with the calibre of all the finalists. It was exciting to see them put their ideas together so quickly and professionally,² said Fisher. ³The second challenge provided them with an opportunity to really showcase their creative flair.²

The eventual winner was The Luminar Group¹s South West region finalist, Ian Burridge, from Oceana nightclub in Plymouth. Luminar¹s Ged Gorrie, Regional Director (South), and Tim Howard, Head of Marketing and Central Operations, presented Burridge with a stylish glass award, a CHAUVET DJ Geyser RGB and a trip to the Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, where he operated the lighting at the opening reception party.

Shop Time: Using Geyser RGBs at Mobile Beat!

Where there’s smoke there’s fire and DJ Jer definitely heated things up at Mobile Beat 2015 in Las Vegas using CHAUVET DJ Geyser RGBs to add some HOT excitement to the Entertainment Experience. In this edition of Shop Time, Jer and DJ Jason Jani talk about the advantages of using these explosive effects!

Uplighting just Artistic: CHAUVET DJ SlimBEAM Quad IRC

Incredible images of just a few of the possibilities when you set your imagination free using the CHAUVET DJ SlimBEAM Quad IRC to take your uplighting to whole new levels of dynamic creativity.

_AL11089 _AL11090 _AL11069 _AL11066 _AL11064 _AL11058

Topsy Turvy: Chauvet Clamps Turn Uplighting into Downlighting

CHAUVET DJ Freedom pars are most commonly used as uplighting fixtures sitting on the floor.  But here DJ Rocky of Atlanta Music DJs and Ella Events shows us how he uses his new CHAUVET DJ CLP 15N clamps to mount his Freedom Par Tri-6 fixtures to trussing to be able to use them to create a nice downlighting wash effect.