DJ Tutor Gives these Totems a “Glo-ing” Review!

In these videos DJ Tutor Johnathan Lewis gets creative with the Glo Totem from TRUSST. In this first video, he introduces us to some of the features of the collapsible totems.

In this video, DJ Tutor turns his imagination loose on the TRUSST Glo Totem and shows us some of the creative possibilities for creating unique looks with the Totems.

A Rustic Wedding with Tah-Dah Productions and CHAUVET DJ

DJ Ryan of Tah-Dah Productions in California takes us to The Rustic Rose in Red Bluff, California for a wedding including ceremony consultation, reception services, small uplighting package and more. DJ Ryan had a great time conducting the day for this wonderful couple and in this gig log you will get to see some of the formalities that take place at a typical Tah-Dah wedding and of course CHAUVET DJ was a big part of the event, showcasing the Gig Bar IRC with some other favorites from the Chauvet DJ Line.

DJ Brent is Crazy for Motion Orbs!

DJ Brent of Cleveland Music Group in Cleveland, Ohio gives us a good long look at the DSC_0029Motion Orbs from CHAUVET DJ. Check out this video as Brent walks us through the features of these decor fixtures and some of the ways he’s used them on gigs!


CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Scan 305 IRC

The Intimidator Scan 305 IRC is a compact LED scanner with a 60 W light source that shines through any environment. Its crisp 3-facet prism allows you to cover larger areas when you split the beam and non-DMX operation is convenient and easy with the optional IRC-6 remote. Link up to 4 fixtures to create eye-catching synchronized shows in automated, sound-active or master/slave modes. Minimize programming time by using the built in movement macros and move-in-black features. Achieve flicker-free video operation with high frequency LED dimming and save time running cables and extension cords by power-linking multiple units together. The Intimidator Scan 305 IRC fits best in the CHS-40 VIP Gear Bag.

Happy Red Nose Day from CHAUVET DJ!

RND15_LogoRoundelAWThursday May 21st, 2015 is Red Nose Day, a campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty by simply having fun and making people laugh. CHAUVET DJ used its entire Intimidator line of moving head light fixtures to have some red nose fun of its own by adding some laughter…and light to a world that’s too dark for too many and to help raise awareness of ending poverty on this important day. And every day.

Intimidator. Moving Light. Moving People.

CHAUVET DJ Thursday Vids: Applause Junkies

In this edition of Thursday Vids, Geoff confesses his addiction to applause. As a performer most of us are very familiar with the high an ovation can give us. But how does DJing fulfill the need for audience approval? Or should it?

CHAUVET DJ Intimidators Add Punch To Dolly Parton Show

Dollywood 3

PIGEON FORGE, TN – When well-known lighting designer Susan Rose was asked to add an extra level of visual excitement to country legend Dolly Parton’s popular My People show, she called on the Intimidator Beam LED 350 from CHAUVET DJ. Rose was not only drawn to the fast movements, brilliant output and sharp 4° beam angle of the moving fixture, it also helped her meet the requirements of a tight budget and tighter stage space.

The newest Dolly Parton show took place at the theatre in the singer’s namesake Dollywood Theme Park. Part of the charm of this venue is the warm, down-home feeling Dollywood 2engendered by its relatively small size. Although this intimacy is popular with fans, it creates special challenges for lighting designers. The high output and compact size of the Intimidator Beam LED 350 helped Rose meet this challenge by allowing her to create a big aerial beam look using only four of the fixtures.

“Shooting the stage beams in the air really worked very well to give the show a more dynamic look,” said Rose. “Everyone was very pleased with the production value of the lighting.”

By shooting brilliant and intense beams from the stage floor, the four Intimidator fixtures complemented the overhead wash light from four Q-Spot 560-LED moving yoke units from CHAUVET DJ’s sister company CHAUVET Professional.

“The director wanted to punch up the stage lighting for this show and give it a more theatrical touring kind of look that was less soft than what you normally see at this venue,” said Rose. “I was excited to do this with a lot of aerials and beams, but space was a factor given the size of the stage. I turned to Chauvet for LED fixtures that could give me this excitement without taking up a lot of space or drawing a lot of power.”

DJ Jer Paints a Beautiful Event with the SlimBEAM Quad IRC

DJ Jer spends a little Shop Time showing us his artistic side with the new CHAUVET DJ SlimBEAM Quad IRC to create a tasteful and elegant uplighting look.  And a unique one that only the SlimBEAM Quad IRC can provide.

CHAUVET DJ Academy: Lighting Lesson of the Week

Using the Right Tool for the Right Job! DMX vs. Audio Cables

Academy Logo

When connecting cables between light fixtures and controllers, make sure you’re actually using DMX cables and not audio cables.  Many DMX connectors look identical to the XLR connectors on audio cables, but the impedance is different between DMX and audio cables which could effect the control of your lights.

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